The Library of Sacred Teachings

Discover the secret thread of wisdom woven through all spiritual traditions that frees you from your past and opens the doors to a miraculous experience of life.

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There Is A Secret Key That Unlocks Spirituality

You can't find it on YouTube, you can't find it in spiritual books. You can't even speak it or write it down.

But you CAN experience it for yourself.

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True Meditation

Get immediate results with the world's most effective meditation.

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Real Manifestation

Discover the yogic secrets to manifesting absolutely anything.

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Ecstatic Mindfulness

Become wildly happy and free in your day-to-day life.

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Practical Metaphysics

Activate your latent potential and develop your spiritual gifts.

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Part 1: Master The Ancient Teachings 

  • The Secret Teachings
  • The Wisdom of the Ancients
  • Out of Many
  • Beyond the Physical Dimension
  • The Name of God

Part 2: Awaken The Subtle Body

  • Accessing the Subtle Planes of Existence
  • How to See Energy
  • The Key to Immortality
  • Unimaginable, Indescribable You
  • The Doorway To Miracles

Part 3: Unlock Spirituality

  • The World's Most Dangerous Meditation
  • Instantly Awaken Into Ecstatic Freedom
  • The Yogic Secrets To Manifestation
  • Reunion With The Higher Self
  • Going Beyond Space And Time

Part 4: Chakra School

  • Discovering the Crystalline Chamber
  • Unlocking The Power Of The Chakras
  • Spiritual Gifts And The Body Of Light
  • The Tree Of Life
  • The Ultimate Secret

Optional: Private Lessons

(3 VIP masterclasses with Q&A)

  • How To Experience The Infinite Divine
  • The Secret To Ending Suffering For Good
  • The Ultimate Third Eye Workshop

For The Advanced Seeker:
Private Lessons & The Ultimate Third Eye Workshop

Get instant access to The Library Of Sacred Teachings for just $7, or for the advanced Seeker, upgrade to the VIP edition. The VIP edition includes three, one-hour masterclasses that will take you faster, further, and deeper into your own experience of the Divine.

Valued at $297, in these Private Lessons, you will learn:

  • How To Experience The Infinite Divine - available now! Learn a variety of tools to free you from the monkey mind and plunge you back into the Infinite Divinity That You Are.
  • The Secret To Ending Suffering For Good - available now! Learn how to enter the states of consciousness beyond pleasure and pain. As Rumi said, "Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field." Gain access to that mystic field and learn how to eliminate all suffering from your life.
  • The Ultimate Third Eye Workshop - available now! Learn the ancient yogic secrets of the 3rd eye. The opening of the 3rd eye has long been heralded as a crowning jewel on the spiritual path. This isn't about seeing energy or even developing your 6th sense. The real opening of the 3rd eye takes you beyond the veil of maya and shines light on Jesus's statement: "Do you not know you are Gods?"

Private Lessons comes with lifetime access.

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Instant Access

  • Master the Ancient Teachings
  • Awaken the Subtle Body
  • Unlock Spirituality
  • Lifetime Access

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For the Advanced Seeker

  • Master the Ancient Teachings
  • Awaken the Subtle Body
  • Unlock Spirituality
  • Lifetime Access
  • The Ultimate Third Eye Workshop
  • Three 1-Hour Masterclasses
  • Q&A sessions
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